Emissions Trading - Emissions Units and Prices


There is no single market price for "carbon credits" or "emission allowances / units".

Prices vary by timing, trading scheme and emission unit type.


Emission Unit Types and Eligibility

Different emission unit types can be used in different emissions trading schemes as seen below.

Matrix of Unit Eligibility in Emissions Trading Schemes

For up to date information on unit eligibility and prices please contact us. We can then discuss with you the specific market, unit type and pricing methodology relevant to your business.


The EU ETS is the dominant trading emissions trading scheme in terms of coverage and trading volumes. As a domestic regulated scheme it does not represent a true "international price".


The NZ ETS is currently operating as a domestic only scheme.


The following sites provide prices on the EU, NZ and other markets:


Contact us if you are buying or selling emission unts. We can provide you with up to date advice on unit eligibility and other pricing consideration drivers - a must have before you negotiate a trade. 

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